• Marma Balm is formulated in a modern context following the age-old text Agastya Niravukol Adangal 12 of the
    Marma Shastra. Marma contains only herbal extracts Marma Balm is a Marma Treatment formula that provides
    instant relief from pain.
  • It is used for local application over the affected area. It can be used to relieve the pain caused by acute and
    chronic conditions such as headache, neck pain, and shoulder pain.
  • It can also be used to relieve pain and stiffness in the muscles. It also provides relief from the symptoms of the
    common cold.
  • It can also help to obtain relief from back pain and sprains. Be it headaches and cold, joint pains, or muscle
    strains, cramps, and pains.
  • Tried, tested, and trusted by generations, rest assured that whatever your age or lifestyle.

The formulation is Menthol-based.

     Other ingredients include:
Thymol, Castor oil, Camphor oil, Honey wax, Kotham, Chukk, Vayambu, Vembada, Manjathi, Kadukappa

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